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Gintaras really happy to get updates from time to time .... We are in the time when all the forces are against the crypto world.... 1400+ and counting .... It’s hard to stand and be different with other altcons ... All crypto are gonna intersect one way or other way at some point.... I truly am a believer of Tokendesk and it’s energetic and smart employees.... I wish that Tokendesk stay humble and motivated not for just the moment but looking toward the future....
At, last but not least my own opinion about your weekly update should just simply be about update and not trying to sell more tokens specially for one of us who has already invested in Tokendesk.... Let’s be more of innovator then just act like a car sells man ...
Hope you don’t take it personally and try to think it on the broader sense...
Thank you for all the restless & sleepless hours you guys have poured into the project ... The time will tell if Tokendesk really work to make a difference in the world of mushroom crypto..
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